2023.07.10. New payment options! 

From today you can pay securely with Visa and MasterCard, even with American Express card, ApplePay and GooglePay services!
What is very important: we do not save or store card data!
We hope that you will like the new payment option.

2022.01.28. Collect points! 

We are introducing the loyalty system for collecting points! 
For every HUF 1,000 spent in the webshop, we add 10 points to your account.
You can use the collected points during payment, which are thus deducted from the amount of your order.
1 point equals 1 HUF.
Current point balances can be tracked under the My Account – Points menu item.

2022..01.26. Spin for a discount! 

We would like to treat you to a little playful promotion.
Keep an eye on the page because sometimes a wheel of fortune appears where you can spin a 5%, 10% discount or free shipping.
The wheel of fortune may appear several times, but the system only accepts a coupon code from the wheel once per user.
Good luck and enjoy your time on the site!

2020.10.09. Development 

We started developing our manufacturing technology to be able to produce drive belts more efficiently. 
As soon as we reach the end of our development, we will be able to produce the drive belts faster and with even better quality.
Since we do not involve external sources, we are moving a little slower, also in terms of production, but we do not want to raise the prices to the sky.
Of course, there will be changes in our prices, but this means that they will be more uniform.
At the same time as this development, the production of idlers can also begin, which of course we produce with the new production technology.
We hope to finish the transition as soon as possible and everyone can get their favorite machine working as soon as possible.

2020.10.09. Idlers 

At the same time as our development, we can finally start the production of idlers, with which we believe that we can fill many gaps in the market. 
We can finally start producing the idlers, but we will produce them entirely with our new production technology.
Of course, it is not easy because we have idler sizes, but we would like to indicate this in our online store so that it can be found by searching by type.

2020.01.28. Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery from today! The good news is that starting today you can also place an order with cash on delivery. For now, it can only be ordered with Foxpost. The possibility of cash on delivery is also available with Foxpost at the parcel machine and with home delivery. Delivery with another courier service will soon be available, where you can also use the cash on delivery service.