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Do you find it difficult to get VHS, Hifi audio components, or are they just too expensive? Be it Akai, Pioneer, Nakamichi or Sony or Philips cassette tape recorder or record player. We manufacture it at no additional cost.
Rubber parts, tape recorder V-belts, V-belt sizes, prices can be found in our online store.
If you can't find what you're looking for on the list, send us the type of device, the size of the pressure roller, drive belt or idler rubber in the info@ekszijkiraly.hu to email address. We manufacture it at no extra charge. We will then let you know when we have uploaded it to the online store so that you can order it. From then on, you can order at any time, whether it is a single piece or a set. Our belts are made of high-quality materials produced in Japan and the Netherlands, and are available from HUF 1,129, depending on the size. If your machine has several V-belts, it is better to buy a set and you can get them cheaper than if you select them individually. Even in this case, if you can't find it in the list but you send the type of machine and the dimensions of the belts, you can order it as a set from then on.
After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email, which, in the case of pre-payment, contains the data required for the transfer. After the amount has been received, we will send an invoice by email. As soon as the amount is received, we will send the package within 10 working days. If you order with cash on delivery, in that case we will send the package within 10 working days from the order.
Depending on the amount of orders, a time delay may occur!
In the picture on our website, you can see one of our machines that works with the belts we produce!
The straps are measured in inner circumference
not in diameter!
Thank you for reading! We are confident that we can help you get your favorite machine working again!